Top Ten Benefits

Top Ten Benefits of Summer Camp

1. Fun Activities – Camps offer sports, games, skits, drama, music, swimming, adventure, crafts, hikes, campfires, s’mores, and late-night giggles!

2. Friendship – Children and adults make new friends and renew familiar ones, often becoming friends for life.

3. Adventure  – New experiences challenge students to learn (age-appropriate) outdoor skills and thrills, in nature, through sports, arts, and on the adventure courses. More than that, they learn trust, self-confidence, and problem-solving in an affirming atmosphere.

4. Cooperation – Children learn to play, work, and live with others who are different from them.

5. Responsibility – With encouragement, they learn to do things for themselves and for others, and to see the results and rewards of their actions.

6. Appreciation – Opportunities are given to develop new interests and make a contribution to the group in a setting designed so each child can shine.

7. Health – Campers eat well, enjoy wholesome outdoor activities, and learn to care for their physical, social, and spiritual needs while increasing their productivity level in school and life

8. Inspiration – They glean spiritual values from nature itself and from the quality of the camp community in mentoring and discipleship in spiritual growth.

9. Good Citizenship – Youth are engaged in an environment where democratic group living is a necessity. Values of fairness, equality and order are modeled and imitated.

10. Independence – The separation really will be good for both of you. It gives them a chance to test what you’ve taught them, and learn from others. Plus, you’ll both enjoy the fun of their sharing exciting new experiences when they come home.