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Applying for a Summer Job

Apply Now To Be Part of the 2018 Jumonville Summer Staff

Are you looking for an experience in which God can use YOU to minister to His people? Are you seeking a mission opportunity? Why not have it all? You can… as a member of Jumonville’s Summer Staff. Hundreds of young people have learned the value of working at a job/ministry/growth catalyst for the summer at Jumonville. You will have the opportunity to grow, serve, and change lives for Christ!


Jumonville is looking for young adults with:

• A confident Christian faith, showing evidence of active growth.

• A willingness to participate actively in the spiritual purpose of Jumonville.

• A willingness to demonstrate good work habits and acceptance of responsibilities.

• A positive self image and a good energy level.

• A willingness to be accountable to others, following guidelines established for daily work, group living, and personal conduct.

• FBI Fingerprint, Act 33, Act 34 clearances required for the safety of campers.


These are the specific positions that are open for Summer of 2018. (as of 2/1/18)

Must be at least 18 years old:

Counselors –  2 male positions

HOPE Counselors – 2 male positions

Adventure Staff – 3  positions

Nurse – 1 position

Must be at least 16 years old:

Audio/Video Staff – 3 positions

Office Assistant – 1 position

Snack Shop – 1 position

Kitchen Help/Cookout – 4 positions

Summer Staff Online Applications

Complete a Summer Staff Application online

Summer Staff Online Re-Application Form (only for returning staff)

summer staff position summaries


If you do not want to complete your application forms online, you may contact the Jumonville office  to have a packet mailed to you or you may download the necessary form by clicking the links below.


If you have any questions contact us at or 1-800-463-7688.

Volunteer Opportunities

Only a limited number of paid staff positions are available at Jumonville. The majority of those who work in our program are volunteers. Most volunteers work for a week or two of the summer while paid staff commit to the entire summer and are paid for their services. Click here for more information about serving as a volunteer in our summer camping program.