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Sign Me Up – Registration

You have several options for how to register for summer camp…

    • Call the Jumonville office at (724)439-4912 and we can also mail you a brochure with a registration form
  • Call the Jumonville office and we will sign you up. You’ll need to give us your credit card information over the phone. 

Use this link to make an additional payment for an existing registration


We have a new camper recruitment incentive program to help reward those campers that recruit new campers for the Jumonville summer camping program. Check out more information on our new “Bring a Friend” camper recruitment program.

Fine Print Information

Cancellation/Refund Policy If a registered camper will be unable to attend camp, you must notify the Jumonville office immediately to get a refund. Refunds are givenup to 2 weeks before the start of camp, subject to a $50 processing fee. In case of cancellation during the last two weeks before the event, only the room and board portion of the fee will be refunded for illness or accident. In order to receive this refund, Jumonville must be notified ASAP of any accident or illness, followed by a written request for room and board refund with an accompanying doctor’s excuse within one week. Under no circumstances will the program portion of the fees be refunded after two weeks before your event. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE FOR ANY REASON AFTER THE START OF CAMP!

Family Camperships Available Jumonville will also provide $90 camperships (shorter events pro-rated) available for families sending more than one child to camp on a first-come, first-served basis. (Family Discounts are already included in the prices of C.A.T. Camp and Mommy, Daddy & Me events.) The camperships are available to the second or more campers, who are siblings of the same household. Full-week campers will count as the first camper. Application for the family campership can be made on this online form or by downloading a pdf file, completing it and mailing it to Jumonville.

A NOTE ABOUT CAMP COSTS The camp fees individuals, families and churches pay help provide for daily room and board for campers and volunteer staff. The fees also help with program material and equipment costs. For some events, transportation must be provided, as well as fees paid to other contractors. Except for a limited number of campsite staff and students on Summer Program Staff, our events are generously staffed by an army of Christian volunteers. These volunteers – deans, counselors and special program resource people – make our summer program possible. Our prices are at or below the average for similar camp programs, and we do everything possible to keep costs down. We are also indebted to local church people for giving mission dollars through their churches to the Annual Conference Mission Share support. These funds pay the Summer Cabin Counselors. These gifts make it possible to reduce the price of the Counselor In Training events and increase training opportunities for volunteers and improve the pay for our Summer Cabin Counselors. THANK YOU!

How To Contact Us . . . Jumonville 887 Jumonville Rd., Hopwood, PA 15445 E-Mail: (800) 463-7688 (724) 439-4912 FAX: (724) 439-1415

How To get a Camper Registration Form A registration form is enclosed in the camp brochure. Simply complete the form and send it along with the requested deposit to the address on the registration form. Copies are available by contacting the Jumonville office. You may also register online by clicking on the link for any individual camp. You may also download a PDF file of the registration form