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It’s about time! Time for you to reconnect, regroup and be reinvigorated. It’s about time for something fun, active, or relaxing. Time for you and God to get together in a personal way that touches your soul to its core. It’s about Pastime. And it’s PAST TIME for you to rest, and be refreshed.

Has it been a while since you have gotten away from the daily demands of ministry? All too often, the demands of ministry begin to wear us down, and rob us of the first love that started our journey. PASTIME is a program that was started in 2005 with a generous gift by long-time friends of Jumonville. Their initial gift has enabled us to develop and host a program that is designed to encourage personal renewal for Christian leaders. Since that time the program has been funded through our Jumonville Campership Fund. 

Christian ministry needs a servant’s heart. We are to be like Christ to all who come to us. We are expected to have gifts of leadership & discernment and we are asked to empower others around us. It seems we must be wise beyond human capacity, full of compassion, and morally without blemish. There are consequences to a weary heart and lonely spirit.

It is only through God’s grace that we are able to continue without being consumed. Come to PASTIME and be led by the Spirit into a reviving encounter with the living Lord.

Pastime Activities

Seek God at your own pace, engage in the activities of your choosing to deepen your relationship with the One who has called you into ministry, and in the process, be refreshed, and be restored. Whether through the use of materials we provide, or materials that you bring along, we believe your time with the Holy Spirit will profoundly impact your life and ministry.

Leave behind your normal schedule and agenda and enter into the presence of God: • with time for deeper study in the Word • through resting and enjoying time with God and spouse • by experiencing the beauty of God’s creation in a wonderful mountaintop setting • by engaging your mind, body, and spirit

When you arrive for your retreat, we will provide you with a packet of information about things to do in the local area. We recognize that each person will have different needs. Some may spend more time in quiet reflection, and others may feel, the need to enjoy physical activity or get out and about for a change. We invite you to enjoy recreation, humor, study, meditation, or whatever you need most to get recharged.

Facilities Provided

Our goal is for PASTIME to be extremely affordable for any person in full-time Christian ministry leadership who is in need of some time to get away for renewal and refreshment. The cost is only $25 a night for up to four nights.  The rest of costs are underwritten by donors that choose to serve and honor those in full time Christian leadership by providing this experience.

You may schedule your retreat to begin on whatever day you would like but Sunday through Friday retreats are highly encouraged. While we do not provide meals, Mary Cottage and the Inn offer a very nice kitchen area to prepare your own meals or you may choose to go out to eat, or maybe even spend some time in fasting. If meals are being offered in the dining hall for other Jumonville guest groups, you may have the option to purchase individual meals.

To Qualify for PASTIME

PASTIME serves those who are in full time Christian ministry and can accommodate adults only. You have the option of coming by yourself or bringing your spouse. However, PASTIME is not designed to serve as a “cheap vacation” for you and your family. If that is your need or interest, contact the Jumonville office for other options of staying at Jumonville with your entire family. The PASTIME program has been designed specifically for helping encourage personal renewal for Christian leaders. It’s about time you joined us on the mountaintop. See you soon.

How to Register for PASTIME

To make your reservation, the most efficient way is to simply call Jumonville at (724) 439-4912 and ask for Sharon Meeder. 

Requests can be made up to a year in advance and will be handled on a first come, first served basis. We will send you an application once you have notified us of your interest and we have found a date that works with your schedule.