Mission Statement

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Statement of…


To facilitate the spreading of the Good News of Jesus Christ by a mountaintop experience


  • Jumonville will be, and will be widely recognized to be, a premiere Christian camp and retreat center
  • Jumonville will provide experiences which shape and expand the Christian commitment of persons of all ages, empowering them to live the truth of the Gospel in their daily lives
  • Jumonville will be an exemplary ministry of Christian hospitality for renewal, enrichment, and leadership development for individuals and groups, both diverse and devout

Core Values

  • We declare our allegiance to Jesus the Christ, and honor the Bible as the basis for seeking and living the truth
  • We understand the need for faithful living, and the need to share faith with others in the common journey of life
  • We view leadership, creativity, innovation and courage as necessary components in the pursuit of excellence in our service to guests and colleagues
  • We recognize the crucial juxtaposition of financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility
  • We hold a reverence for the land and its resources as gifts from the Creator and will strive to be effective and wise stewards.
  • We acknowledge the primacy of prayer, and our need to seek God before, during, and after the making of decisions
  • We honor those who have committed to a lifetime of Christian service, whether in the ordained or general ministry
  • We seek to empower all believers in discovering the joy of service, especially volunteer service, to the living Lord and His people
  • We cherish our heritage in the United Methodist Church and honor its polity