Jville U

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Jville U

As school districts, begin to release their plans for the fall, Jumonville wants to be able support the community during these strange and challenging times. We understand that many families are uncertain about sending their children back to school full time, but it may not be feasible for them to stay at home with their children. We recognize that school leaders and administrators are working very hard to provide a safe environment, however things can change very rapidly.

To help support local families and school districts, Jumonville will be hosting Jville U. This program is designed to provide a safe, supervised space where school aged children may come for the day to complete online schoolwork and participate in daily camp and recreational activities.

About the Program

The program is evolving as we learn more details from the local schools, but below is our current outline.

When would the program start?

We anticipate the program beginning the end of August and running through the fall semester. The program would run Monday through Friday drop off would be between 7:30-8:00 AM and pick up would be from 5:00-5:30 PM each day. Extended hours would be available for families that would need them, however there will be an additional charge and they must be noted on your registration form.

What are the ages for the program?

This program is for school-aged children. Any student in grades K-12 is welcome to attend.

What do participants of the program need to bring each day?

Participants need to bring a personal device and charger to complete their schoolwork and assignments on, as well as headphones. Participants should also dress appropriately for recreational activities. Lunch and a snack will be provided each day for participants.

Are masks and social distancing required?

Masks and social distancing guidelines will be required and followed during appropriate times and activities throughout the day.

What would a typical day look like?

A typical day would start with participants being checked in each morning. Temperature checks and screening questions will be included in daily check in. Participants will then go to their designated area to begin completing their online schoolwork. There will be two designated times during the day for participants to complete schoolwork. We will provide staff and volunteers to help answer any tech and content questions. Depending on the weather, participants will participate in a variety of either outdoor or indoor activities, that will also be supervised.

Cost and Registration

The cost for the program will be $35 per day/per child. No refunds will be issued. Registration must be completed by 8:00 PM on the Sunday prior to each week. The new participant form must be completed prior to the first week of attendance. The returning participant form may be completed for any weeks after the child’s first week of attendance. The registration forms required will be listed below shortly.

Interested in serving as staff or volunteering?

We are seeking additional staff and volunteers to help supervise and lead activities. Previous childcare or educational experience is preferred, but not required. Individuals must be able to pass a background check. Staff housing onsite is available.

For additional questions or concerns please contact the Jumonville office by phone at (724) 439-4912 or email rebekah@jumonville.org