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History – British Flag

In the Spring of 1755, Major General Edward Braddock led a column of 2,200 British soldiers and militia through the wilderness of Maryland and Pennsylvania, building a road as it marched. On July 9th, just a few miles short of their objective, Fort Duquesne, Braddock’s column collided with an advancing French force, and after several hours, was routed. Young George Washington was at Braddock’s side when the general was mortally wounded, and helped organize the retreat to the camp of Colonel Thomas Dunbar (Kingwood Area — Jumonville), where they arrived on July 11th. Here Braddock ordered the destruction of tons of supplies and ammunition, including 150 wagons, just before he died on the evening of July 13th. The following day, near Orchard Camp, Washington conducted a short funeral service, and the general was buried in the middle of the road to prevent Indians from finding his body. Visitors to Jumonville can learn more of Braddock and Dunbar’s Camp by visiting the Rindfuss Museum in Ann Murphy Lodge, where a large collection of artifacts from the Don Hinks collection are on display.