Summer’s Last Adventure

Rappel Station

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Summer’s Last Adventure

Join me for one last fast-paced adventure before school starts. These few days will be filled with on-site adventure activities: hiking, rock climbing, the King Swing, and the multi-level.  Off site activities will include a trip to Ohiopyle, where we will raft down the middle yough. We will have team building activities and play Gaga Ball and 9 square. Our time will be filled with fun as we journey through God’s creation, Scripture, and make friendships that will last forever. Come ready for adventure and fun—we will have a great time together. (18 year olds welcome if they just graduated from high school)

This is a 3 day event!

Activities Include

Meet your Dean, Karen Morrison


Jumonville is a special place that Karen holds dear to her heart. She began camping at Jumonville when she was 7 years old. During high school she worked on staff and has counseled and deaned camps since 2001. Each summer Karen looks forward to spending multiple weeks on the mountaintop with her campers. The type of camps she has led vary, ranging from Elementary Samplers, to High School Sports, to most recently, Adventure Camps.

Karen lives locally and visits Jumonville often. She has a Master’s Degree in Education. She is an EMT and works in a local Emergency Room. She enjoys hiking and camping outdoors and also likes to travel. Her family is very important to her and she enjoys spending time with them. Since starting at Jumonville, her Christian Faith has grown. Karen is more spiritual and has a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. She enjoys sharing her faith with her campers and enjoys those "teachable moments" that come about while at camp. She'd love to have your child as a camper. If you have any questions please feel free to contact her at KEM8383@GMAIL.COM

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