Senior High Sports

High School Sports

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Senior High Sports

Join Brian and crew for a competitive and fun sports camp offering both basic instruction and game time. Improve skills in football, hockey, basketball, sand volleyball, volleyball, tennis, softball, foursquare, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and more! Bible Study and worship will help you to grow from wherever you are in your personal relationship with God. Schedule includes relaxed mornings, intense afternoons, great snacks and Q&A by the evening fire.

(18 year olds are also permitted if they just graduated from high school)

Activities Include

Meet your Dean, Brian Kohlhepp

Brian first attended Jumonville as a camper in 1988, and never left. He came to Jumonville with the same band of friends throughout his High School years. In college he became a counselor for Senior High Sports, and began as Dean in the summer of 2000. Some of his best life experiences come from days and nights spent on the mountain, and this week of camp is one he looks forward to every year. Brian currently lives in Pittsburgh with his family. He enjoys all sorts of sports and outdoor activities, especially playing with his boys. The people of Senior High Sports Camp are a second family, and it is easy to see why the campers and counselors come back every year. Please come and be a part of this extraordinary group.