Mommy/Daddy & Me Camp


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Mommy/Daddy & Me Camp

Spend some special time with your young child or grandchild. Mom and/or Dad, or grandparent(s) can come for a great introduction to the wonders of summer camp in a shorter time period. Some activities are done together, such as games, crafts, and story time… and other activities will allow the children and the adults some separate opportunities for fun and friendship. Children must be potty trained. This is a three night event. All of the campers stay in the Inn, Jumonville’s luxury lodging facility, so linens are provided.

Please note: The printed brochure has the dates on June 14-17. The dates for this event were changed after the brochure was published. The correct dates for this event are June 11-14, 2017.

$463 for a family of two / $612 for a family of three / $762 for a family of four

Activities Include

Meet your Dean, Laura (Voelker) Glisan

Laura grew up in Uniontown, looking up at the cross daily and attending summer camp at Jumonville.  Laura also served on summer staff for four years.  She has been the dean of mini camps, elementary sampler camps, and after a brief hiatus (to get married and begin her family), Laura is returning to dean Mommy/Daddy and Me camp. Laura and her husband Eric live in Farmington, just minutes from Jumonville and are raising two daughters, Rachel and Catherine. She is also a First Grade Teacher for the Uniontown Area School District at Wharton Elementary School. Laura hopes to instill of love a Christ to her campers through an amazing family experience here at Jumonville this summer.

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