Mini Camp Hollenberger Family


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Mini Camp Hollenberger Family

Younger and first time campers can experience the excitement of camp life with lots of games and activities in a shorter event. Mini campers will get to make new friends, enjoy the playground, and get a great taste of all the excitement that a Jumonville summer camp can offer. Bible study and simple devotions are an important part of this engaging experience.

Activities Include

Meet your Dean, Jenn & John Hollenberger

John and Jenn Hollenberger have been Jumonville deans since 2006. Jenn started out as a camper almost 20 years ago, spent several years on summer staff, and 1 year as a full time, year round staff member. John fell in love with Jenn and then Jumonville ( or maybe the other way around) and they have been deaning together ever since. At Mini Camp Hollenberger you will likley enjoy your time hiking, singing, swimming, playing games and recieving a mini  introduction to Jumonville's Adventure Program. Before the mini week is over you will toast marshmellows at a camp fire, discover the hills and trails of Jumonville, spend time at the cross, and most importantly, experience Jesus on the mountiantop. John and Jenn reside in Beaver County PA with their 4 "mini campers". John is a Jumonville Board Member and works as an IT Director for a local church. Jenn is a professor at Grove City College. Jumonville is like their second home and coming back each summer is like visiting family.