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Mini Adventure – A

Younger and first time campers can experience the excitement of complete camp life with lots of activities in a shorter event. Mini campers make friends with their counselors and other campers. Bible Study and devotions are an important part of daily routine. Activities will include: individual low ropes course, teambuilding, king swing, adventure center, hiking, games, and swimming.

Activities Include

Meet your Dean, Erin Achille

Erin is originally from Brookville, PA and became part of the Jumonville family at a very young age. Her family started going to family week before she was even born. She has attended several different adventure camps as a camper and was on adventure staff last summer. She loves rock climbing, exploring the outdoors, and having fun! In the past year she has traveled to The Red River Gorge, Horseshoe Cannon Range, and Red Rock, Nevada to climb outside. Erin has learned a lot from her experience at Jumonville and wants to help others grow through their own experience at camp. She is currently an undergraduate student studying Interior Design at The Ohio State University and a Dance minor. Erin can't wait to be back at Jumonville this summer around a campfire again!

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