Family Week

Family Week

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Family Week

Family Week has been a traditional part of Jumonville’s summer camping program for 77 years. Held between the end of July and the beginning of August every year, this 8 day 7 night event is a favorite for hundreds of faithful “Family Weekers” that make the journey every year. While some families have been coming for multiple generations, new families attend every year.

Click here for a link to complete an online 2018 Family Week Evaluation Form

Audio clips of the 2018 Family Week Adult Class can be found below.

Family Week Monday Adult Class (see clip below)

Family Week Tuesday Adult Class (see clip below)

Family Week Wednesday Adult Class (see clip below)

Family Week Thursday Adult Class (see clip below)

Family Week Friday Adult Class (see clip below)

The cost for the full week of Family Week for 2019 is as follows:

Ages Registration* Room & Board Total Cost
Ages 13 years and over $45 $?? $??
Ages 3 through 12 $28 $?? $??
Ages under 3 years $10 $?? $??

The registration fee is based on four days or more. Under 4 days is half rate. Room & Board is prorated for shorter stays. Click here for information on FINANCIAL AID.

The date for Family Week 2019 is Saturday, July 20th – Saturday July 27th. Come join us! You’ll be glad you did.


Due to a very generous matching gift from a Family Week friend and donor, new families qualify for a 25% discount off of their total cost of attending Family Week. Click here to complete a form for the 25% NEW FAMILY DISCOUNT. In addition, financial aid is available to help any family that would like to attend Family Week but would have trouble paying the full cost of attending Family Week.

The speaker for 2019 is Pastor Seth McPherson from Christ UMC: Bethel Park.

Jumonville is the greatest! I’d encourage each and every person in this world to sign up. It will be one of the best experiences of your life and the best I believe Christian experience. My Dean and counselors were the greatest people I ever met. They are the most caring and understanding people in this world.Bill Smith

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