CIT Week


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CIT Week

As a CIT, you will arrive Friday evening for a weekend of training and spend the following week in hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced counselors. CIT’s will stay with senior counselors in rooms with the campers of Adventure Crago and also go caving. You’ll gain additional experience in Bible study preparation and presentation, worship, games, evening activities, and other age level characteristics. CIT’s will gather for additional classroom work, providing time for questions as needed.

Once you have finished this process, you will be invited to serve as a CIT/junior counselor to volunteer for one additional week during the summer of 2018. Any CIT who attends this program must realize that they are considered a camper and must be accompanied by an adult who can sign them in and out during registration.

This is an 8 night event.

Bonus: When you are accepted into the CIT program, you receive a $50 discount toward the cost of attending one other senior high event as a camper.

(18 year olds are also permitted if they just graduated from high school)

Activities Include

Meet your Dean, Rebekah Greenawalt

Rebekah is a longtime summer staffer and dean at Jumonville.  She has a great love of the outdoors, sports and adventure activities.  She will oversee our Adventure Program, Summer Camp Program, and our new relationship with Game Changers Ministry.  Most recently Rebekah was a PE teacher with the Culpepper, Va. School System but once again she calls Jumonville home.  Through Rebekah's love of adventure, sports and kids we know that Good News of the Gospel will be shared as we continue to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Other JSC Events

Other Leadership Events