Covid-19 Information

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Covid Information

Below you will find the most updated information for Jumonville’s protocols & procedures regarding the Covid-19 pandemic

2021 Summer Camp

The Jumonville Board & Staff are doing everything possible to keep our Jumonville summer camps safe in 2021. Camp will not be quite back to normal and there will be guidelines and safe practices in place. Details and what those guidelines will look like can be viewed in the video below.


Registration for 2021 will take place in the dining hall. Registration will begin at the door on the far end of the dining hall. A staff member will be at the door instructing the next family when they are able to enter. Once in the dining hall, you will proceed to your left to the first table where each camper will receive a name tag, their completed health from, and a Jumonville mask lanyard. We ask that you make sure to complete your health card by the Wednesday before your week of camp at 8:00 AM. If you do not have a completed health form, a blank one will be given to you. You will then proceed to the Meds/Non Meds station and check in with the health care staff. At the next station, you will receive a map and your cabin assignments, along with a sheet with pick up information. The final station will be a pay station if you owe a balance. You will then exit out the side door near the dish room counter. We ask that families stay social distanced under the porch while waiting for your turn to begin registration. We ask that only 1 family member accompany the campers through registration.


All meals for this summer will be served outside. Jumonville will be setting up a large event tent (with sides) as well as tables and chairs in front of the dining hall. When it is time for a meal, someone form each event will send a table setter into the dining hall to retrieve a tray with all necessary plates, cups, and silverware. Once everyone is seated, a counselor or dean will take the same tray back into the dining hall to retrieve the food for everyone at their table. There will be several hand washing stations on the porch of the dining hall. Individuals are allowed to go into the dining hall to use the restrooms, but we will be monitoring how many go in at a time. Once the meal is over, one person from each event will bring all of the dirty plates and bowls back to the designated area in the dining hall. We will be singing after each meal from the porch.


Will masks be required this summer?

Current guidelines still do require masks to be worn when inside and unable to social distance. Many of the outfitters that we currently use for off-site trips still also require masks to be worn during portions of the trips. It is recommended that campers bring several masks with them to camp.

Will vaccines be required to attend this summer?

Campers will not be required to be vaccinated in order to attend camp this summer. However we recommend individuals, if possible, to self quarantine before attending their scheduled event. We also recommend that if a camper is high-risk or more susceptible that they consider getting the vaccine before attending


Jumonville is accepting weekend retreat groups. We do have guidelines regarding eating meals in the dining hall and for visiting the Welcome Center/Snack Shop. Group leaders interested in scheduling a retreat can contact the Jumonville office at (724) 439-4912 or email Sarah at

Visiting the Grounds

Guests are permitted to visit the grounds to walk and hike from dawn to dusk. All of our buildings remain closed so please plan accordingly for restroom use prior to visiting.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

(last updated 04/29/2021)