Camper Testimonies

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Camper Testimonies

In a survey of last year’s summer campers. We asked them to rate their camp experience last year on a scale of 1-10 (the average was 9.2) and to rate on the same scale, their chance of returning to Jumonville this summer (that average was 8.6). We also asked them their favorite part of camp, how they benefited and asked for any suggestions. Here is what they told us:

How was your week of camp last year?

• Out of all my years at camp, this had to be the best camping experience… God is my number one and I think that I grow closer and closer to him everyday thanks to Jumonville…
• I thought it was really fun. I didn’t want to leave! I am definitely coming back next year!!!
• I love Jumonville. There is just something about it that is indescribable and beautiful. And working with the kids this year as a CIT was great. I learned so much.
• My son (4) and I had a great time. He really wants to go back. He often talks about camp to other people. We can not wait until next year.
• Every year I look forward to Jumonville, and all the things I love about it. It is the highlight of my summer! Every year I come home crying, wanting to go back sooo badly. Jumonville is an amazing place, where I have become closer to God.

What are the chances of attending camp this summer?

• I’m going to camp every year that I can.. and hopefully I will be a counselor when I am older
• I am totally going to camp – for sure – hopefully twice this year.
• I would die if I couldn’t go.

What was your favorite part of camp last year?

• Meeting people who were very different from myself in a good way.
• The Wednesday night worship it really gets you thinking, I loved it.
• I enjoyed Bible studies with the counselors and the worship service.
• Hmm, that’s a hard question. I enjoyed FOB because the girls in our room would come up with questions as they were voluntarily reading their Bible.
• The close emotional connection I formed between God, and the camp Deans. ummm I would have 2 say being by the cross up on that great mountain top… You feel like you are flying, like nothing really matters in life except for the relationship you have with the father.. Its a breath taking sight and I will cherish the moments I have to be up there.
How did you benefit from this experience? or in what ways did going to camp help you?

• At first I was afraid of small spaces, in the cave I was afraid, but I survived. Now I like caving.
• It was very beneficial that I realized early on that this camp was not like other camps I had ever gone to. Jumonville has something else… it has Jesus.
• I love the one-on-one time with my child, without the distractions of phones, TV, internet, and household chores.
• I learned that you don’t have to be embarrassed about talking about God to other people
• I think it helps me become stronger in my faith.. and when I came home I was so thrilled to tell all my friends about the great time I had there!!!
• It brought me closer in my relationship with God, it also showed me that not everyone that believes in God, necessarily has a close relationship with him.
• Camp helped me become closer to God and think about God for myself instead of being told information.
• It helped me learn about God and the importance of being nice to other people more than yourself.
• I don’t make friends easily and I made some good ones.
• It helped me get more exercise
• I made new friends. I did stuff I never knew I was good at.
• It helped clarify some of my questions that I have about my faith and make it stronger
• I learned that children have a thirst for knowledge, and we have a great opportunity to nourish it.
• It led me to join a local church and youth group.
• It’s great to have fun with such an awesome group of Christians. Everyone is so accepted — that’s a gift!

What suggestions or advice do you have for us?

• Jumonville was great. You don’t really need any advice from me.
• Staying up later and having more pillow fights.
• Just keep doing what your doing it is amazing I love it up there!!!
• Keep the cost down to afford us the opportunity to continue going to camp every year. I have been going for at least ten years.

Anything else we should know?

• Jumonville has shaped me as a person because of the relationships that I have built there.
• You guys are amazing and I want you to know that you guys have made me now know how god has blessed me and how much you have changed my outlook on life.
• I think everyone at Jumonville does a wonderful job giving young people and families a quality Christ centered camping experience.