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Summer Camp Questions

Most Asked Summer Camp Questions

Registration for most camps starts on Sunday between the hours of 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm. For Mini Camps starting on Wednesday’s, registration is also between the hours of 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm. Camper pickup is between 10 am and 11 am on the last day of camp.

Where your child will stay at camp will depend on the particular camp event for which they register. Each of the different camp events are assigned to specific cabins or lodges which are modern, comfortable, and fully winterized for year round use. Jumonville’s lodges and cabins feature clean attractive rooms with comfortable furniture, twin or bunk beds, and full baths. There is a FREE summer camp promotional DVD that is available from the Jumonville office if you would like a virtual tour of the facilities. In addition, reservations may also be made to visit the site in person and have a tour of the facilities led by one of Jumonville’s staff members.

Jumonville operates on a normal ratio of one counselor for every four campers. Some of our special needs camps have a ratio of one counselor for every two campers. The counselors are assigned to specific cabins and sleep in the same rooms with the campers. A core staff of paid counselors is supplemented with many volunteers. The paid counselors go through a three week counselor training program before being assigned to specific camp events. Volunteer counselors receive training materials from their deans and also are oriented with key staff members in the afternoon before the campers arrive.

The variety of activities that your child may enjoy will depend on the specific event which your child attends. However, since we are a Christian camp, all of our events will have opportunities for Bible Study and worship. Most of the events will offer popular camp activities such as: campfires, cookouts, swimming, recreation and sports, hiking the trails, an evening trip to the cross, and team building activities on our Challenge/Ropes Course. Specialty camps, will spend extra time each day in the area of their focus. For example, most adventure camps will be rock climbing, caving, and enjoying some sort of water adventure (depending on the age level of the participants). Sports camps will normally spend about 4-5 hours a day on the selected sports.

Jumonville is non-profit corporation affiliated with the Western PA Conference of the United Methodist Church. Jumonville is operated by its own Board of Directors and is also accountable to the Western PA Conference of the United Methodist Church through the Camping and Retreat Ministry Team (CRM). Jumonville has a number of full time year round staff and additional part time and seasonal staff. Larry Beatty is Jumonville’s President and has served in that capacity for almost 30 years. Coming with a background of ten years in teaching, and a masters degree in Outdoor Teacher Education, Larry served as Northeast Region Director on the Board of Directors for Christian Camp and Conference Center Association’s USA Division for 6 years and also served as Chairperson for the CCCA Board of Directors. 2013 will be Jumonville’s 72nd year of operating a Christian summer camp program. In 1988, Jumonville was certified by American Camping Association as an Approved Site in their national certification program. In the fall of 1994, Jumonville became the first Accredited Conference and Retreat Program in Pennsylvania by American Camping Association’s newest accreditation standard. Jumonville was one of about a dozen sites in the entire country with this certification. This program has since been discontinued. Jumonville is also a member of Christian Camp & Conference Association since 1975 and has been actively involved in their conference and training events.

Many children and adults with special needs can be accommodated in the Jumonville summer camping program. Some weeks are specifically geared for campers with mental or physical limitations, and others with such conditions as ADHD can join in with others their age. However, each situation must be evaluated individually and must be discussed with the office staff at Jumonville at (800) 463-7688 or (724)439-4912, or email at info@jumonville.org. Special dietary requests are normally not a problem, and we are happy to accomodate those needs as long as we have advance notice. Special dietary needsshould be reported on the health cards, but it is best to contact our office a minimum of a week before your child is coming to camp. You may complete this form to let us know your special dietary needs. If particular dietary needs are more unusual, a greater period of time may be necessary for our staff to accomodate your request. We have also set up a large 49″ monitor in the dining hall that will indicate any dietary issues with the 8 major special dietary issues.


Camp events are open to just about all ages. Family camps have had campers as young as several weeks old as we have had adult campers in their 90’s. Most summer campers, however, are school age. The camp schedule lists the age levels for each of the more than 40 summer camp events from which to choose. If a camp is listed as ages 9-11, that means that it is open to anyone who will be between the ages of 9-11 during their week of camp.

The only extra money that your child should need for camp would be possibly spending money for the camp store. We suggest that large purchases from the camp store for items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets, etc, be made prior to registration or at the close of camp when the parents are present. That way there is less danger of having a lot of money in the cabins, which could easily be lost or pose a temptation for others. There are no extra fees for any of the activities that will be offered. It is all covered in the basic camp fee. There is an option during registration to purchase a group picture for $5.00 or to purchase a CD full of picture of their week’s experience for $10.00. An offering is taken during each event for camperships to provide an opportunity this life changing experience to every child regardless of financial limitations.

A limited amount of financial aid is made available through Jumonville directly. Financial aid is distributed on an “individual needs” basis as long as funds are available. In addition to regular financial aid, Jumonville will provide $75 camperships (shorter events pro-rated) available for families sending more than one child to camp on a first-come, first-served basis. (Family Discounts are already included in the prices of C.A.T. Camp and Mommy, Daddy & Me events.) The camperships are available to the second or more campers, who are siblings of the same household. Full-week camper will count as first camper.

Bring a Friend

Additional incentives are also available for campers that recruit their friends who have never been to summer camp at Jumonville. Find out more details here. Your own local church may also have funds available to help you attend camp.

A registration form is enclosed in the camp brochure. Simply complete the form and send it along with the requested deposit to the address on the registration form. Copies are available by contacting the Jumonville office. On-line registration for CRM events has been available since the summer of 2005. If for some reason you need to cancel after you have already signed up, here is our refund/cancellation policy:

If a registered camper will be unable to attend camp, you must notify the Jumonville office immediately to get a refund. Refunds are givenup to 2 weeks before the start of camp, subject to a $50 processing fee. In case of cancellation during the last two weeks before the event, only the room and board portion of the fee will be refunded for illness or accident. In order to receive this refund, Jumonville must be notified ASAP of any accident or illness, followed by a written request for room and board refund with an accompanying doctor’s excuse within one week. Under no circumstances will the program portion of the fees be refunded after two weeks before your event. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE FOR ANY REASON AFTER THE START OF CAMP!

Jumonville provides a nurse who lives year round on site as one of the permanent staff members. Additional summer staff are trained to help provide health care. Jumonville also has a camp doctor who annually approves “standing orders” for health care procedures. Our health care staff can be reached by beeper and there are phones located in most of the buildings. Emergency instructions are posted in all of the cabins and lodges. Paid counselors are all first aid and CPR certified. All counselors receive training in areas such as safety drills and other emergency procedures.

Don’t hesitate to request information via email, or call our office at (724)439-4912 or (800)463-7688.

Released Time Information

Many states have provisions that legally allow for a child to miss school for the purpose of attending religious instruction. Here is some specific information regarding the laws of Pennsylvania that we obtained from the www.releasedtime.org website. This can allow your child to miss class time in order to attend camp (religious instruction). Here is a sample letter that you can use to send to your school to have your child excused. SUMMARY for Pennsylvania General Information The first step is to gather as much information as you can about Pennsylvania’s Released Time statute, what classes, if any, are being conducted, and how a Released Time program may address state educational objectives (e.g. self-esteem, values education). Determine who will make the decision whether to allow a program and make an appointment to see that person. If the principal refers you to the school board, you would be wise to meet individually with school board members before presenting the concept at a school board meeting. With a carefully crafted approach and with statutory recognition, you should expect success in gaining approval for the program DETAILS for Pennsylvania Statutes Pennsylvania compulsory attendance law requires that all children, ages 8-16 (inclusive), must attend a day school in which the subjects and activities prescribed by the standards of the State Board of Education are taught in the English language. A child may also otherwise be instructed by a private tutor. 24 P.S. § 13-1327 Upon the written request of a parent, the superintendent of the school district shall excuse the parent’s child in order to attend religious instruction. 24 P.S. § 15-1546 The child will be released for such instruction no more than 36 hours per school year. The parent’s request must identify and describe the religious instruction and the dates and hours for which the absence is requested. Following each absence, the parent must also furnish a writing to the district school superintendent attesting to the fact that the child did indeed attend the religious instruction that day. Regulations Released Time programs are arranged by each local school district subject to the guidelines of P.S. § 15-1546. Case Law 1) Commonwealth v. Bey 70 A. 2d 693 (1950) The Superior Court of Pennsylvania held that a Mohammedan child, despite his parents’ belief that Fridays were the sacred day of that religion, could not violate the compulsory school attendance laws through continuous absence from Friday classes. The court emphasized that “neither rights of religion nor rights of parenthood are beyond limitation.” Acting to guard the general interest of the youth’s well being, the State, as “Parents Patriae” may restrict the parent’s control by requiring school attendance. The state’s authority is not nullified merely because the parent grounds his claim to control the child’s absences on religion or conscience. In other words, the state has given the Board of Education broad discretion in granting excuses for a child’s absences. 2) Commonwealth v. Hall 455 A. 2d 674 (1983) The court upheld the ruling of a local school board that excused absences for “educational trips” only up to 5 days. The court stated: The Courts are not prone to disturb a school board’s decision. Indeed, they are without jurisdiction to interfere therewith unless it is apparent that the school board’s conduct is arbitrary, capricious and to the prejudice of the public interest (Hall, at 676). Local school boards, in short, have discretionary authority to determine what constitutes a sufficient excuse for absence from school (see Hall, at 677). However, local school boards must comply with the statutory requirements (section 15-1546) when granting excuses for Released Time for religious instruction. Click here for a list of Release Time Laws and Guidelines for other states besides Pennsylvania. Click here for a link to the ReleasedTime.org website.